Handary is a natural biology specialist in shelf-life of food and agriculture nutrition by providing consumer- friendly biological solution. In China , Handary presents its premium natural plant bio-stimulants including Enzymatic seaweed oligose , Enzymatic seaweed polysaccharide , Enzymatic soybean oligopeptide , Enzymatic soybean polypeptide , Enzymatic Fir extract , Enzymatic Salmon oligopeptide. We use natural raw materials and advanced Belgian biological enzymatic hydrolysis or fermentation technology to refine and provide leading water-soluble fertilizer raw materials for agricultural fertilizer partners. Being safe for crops and friendly to the environment , all the products have the excellent characteristics and functions of plant biological stimulants including various of L-amino acids, oligopeptides, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins and fully meet the production needs of organic cultivation and traditional agriculture.

Salmon Extract

fish protein
Oligopeptide fertilizer raw material