Soybean Oligopeptide

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 As an enzyme activator, oligopeptides are precursors to many crop hormones and have a great bio-stimulation effect. It has excellent advantages in promoting crop growth and plant adverse resistance.We use non-transgenic soybeans as raw material to refine vegetal oligopeptide fertilizer by complex enzymatic hydrolysis technology. The molecular mass of the products is mainly concentrated in 1000 Da, and the proportion of small molecule oligopeptides is as high as 70%. Our extraction process is gentle and eco-friendly, compared to traditional extraction processes using animal fur and offcut, with the kinds of amino acids were retained intact. Plants have been effectively protected through absorbing L-amino acids to commit the integrity and biological activity of nutritional content of products. The products have clear appearance and excellent compounding performance, without the problem of Cl- and the heavy metals exceed the standard.